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Duncan Lawrence, Morpace CEO, shares how Ugam’s Progressive Technology Platform enabled them to reduce time to insights and focus better on client needs. Ugam and Morpace: Changing the Future of Market Research Together

Webinar Greg Girard, program director of merchandise strategies at IDC, and Sudhir Holla, senior vice president at Ugam, discuss the fundamentals of product intelligence and how it can help retailers to improve merchandise performance. [Webinar] How Product Intelligence Can Help Boost Merchandising Performance

Successful Price Optimization Ugam was included in Gartner’s Prioritize 10 Best Practices for Successful Price Optimization Implementations report by retail analyst Robert Hetu. The report offers best practices for starting an implementation of price optimization. Gartner Cites Ugam in a New Report on Successful Price Optimization Implementations

Celebrating 15 years Ugam is excited to celebrate 15 years in business this month. In this time, we’ve grown to over 1700 Ugamites across the globe and we’re proud to say we’ve had a meaningful positive business impact on our clients throughout the world. Thanks to all who have participated in our success. To another 15 years!  



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